1.no-brainer:something easy to understand

2.a wet blanket:boring

3.all ears:listening carefully

4.pull me legs:joke with someone

5.green fingers:be good at doing

6.all thumbs:clumsy

7.as strong as horse:very strong

8.as busy as a bee:very busy

9.as poor as a church mouse:very poor

10.as cool as a cucumber:very calm

11.to sleep like a log:to sleep very deeply

12.as sly as a fox 奸诈,诡计多端

13.as tall as a tree 很高的

14.as plain as day 显而易见

15.as black as coal 像煤一样黑

16.as blind as a bat 有眼无珠,眼力不行

17.as like as two peas 一模一样的

18.as hungry as a lion极度渴望得到

19.as sharp as a spear聪明,思路敏捷

20.as cunning as a fox 像狐狸一样狡猾的

21.as stubborn as mule 非常固执的

22.as timid as a mouse 胆小如鼠

23.as bright as a button聪明极了

24.as proud as a peacock 十分骄傲的

25.as plain as day 一清二楚

26.feel blue 忧郁的

27.hold firm 坚持

28.Child’s play 容易做成的事

29.a sacred cow 圣神的事物

30.Pandora’s box 潘多拉魔盒(邪恶之源)

31.feet of clay 内在缺陷,致使的弱点

32.in the red (财政等)赤字

33.in the black(财政等)有盈余

34.be a weed 软弱,懦弱

35.on its last legs 奄奄一息,濒临垮台

36.the prodigal son 浪荡子

37.be over the moon 欣喜若狂

38.cats and dogs 倾盆大雨

39.on cloud nine 极快乐的

40.as white as a sheet 极苍白的

41.as easy a pie 易如反掌

42.a piece of cake 轻松的事

43.be tickled pink 非常开心

44.green with envy 嫉妒

45.over the moon 非常快乐

46.cast iron nerves 意志坚定

47.eat like a bird 吃的极少

48.kill the fatted calf 设宴欢迎

49.the top dog有优势的人,团体,国

50.fly off the handle 狂怒的

51.hot under the collar 愤怒的

52.down in the dumps 闷闷不乐的

53.a little bird told me小道消息

54.apple of their parents’eye


55.by and by 不久以后

56.the salt of the earth


57.on paper纸上谈兵

58.you reap what you sow 种瓜得瓜种豆得豆

59.laugh one’s head off 狂笑不止

60.see the handwriting on the wall


61.not all there 痴头呆脑,发疯

62.a mind like a computer


63.fish in the air 缘木求鱼

64.off the top of your head


65.do your homework 对…了如指掌

66.one’s cup of tea


67.cost an arm and a leg 昂贵的代价

68.the world is your oyster


69.the pot calling the kettle black 五十步笑百步

70.black is white and white is black 黑白颠倒

71.make a mountain out of molehill 小题大做

72.have butterflies in your stomach 心慌,紧张

73.All good things come to an end


74.Scrooge 吝啬鬼

75.a cacred cow 圣物

76.Pandora’ box 灾祸之源

77.Waterloo 惨败

78.Mother Teresa 为他人无私工作的人

79.Mickey Mouse course 容易的事

80.Jonah 带来不幸的人

81.Achilles’ heel 致命弱点,致死的缺陷

82.A Herculean task 艰巨的任务

83.a good Samaritan 善良的人,乐善好施的人

84.Thomas 多疑的人

85.Daniel in the lion’s den 面对艰巨任务的人

86.More haste, less speed.欲速则不达

87.A watched pot never boils心急吃不了热豆腐

88.Constant dripping wears away the stone.


89.Time lost cannot be recalled.光阴一去不复返

90.Lost time is never found again.时不再来

91.Time and tide wait for no man.岁月不待人

92.It’s never too late to mend.


93.An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.


94.A roaring lion kills no game.空谈不如行动

95.To stand still is to move back.


96.An idle youth, a needy age.


97.Every minute counts.分秒必争

98.A good beginning makes a good ending.


99.Birds of a feather flock together.


100.Two heads are better than one.


101.A rising tide lifts all boats.水涨众船高

102.Many hands make light work.


103.Great minds think alike.英雄所见略同

104.An old pan is the one that makes good food.


105.Cheerful company shortens the miles


106.Lookers-on see most of the game.


107.A bad workman always blames his tools.


108.The best fish are/swim near the bottom.


109.All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


110.You may take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink.


111.All that dogs bark at are not thieves.

All are not thieves that dogs bark at.


112.It is a good horse that never stumbles, and a good wife that never grumbles.


113.Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


114.Nothing brave, nothing have.


115.Where there is life, there is hope.


116.A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit.


117.An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.


118.Once bitten, twice shy.


119.Out of sight, out of mind.


120.As the tree, so the fruit.


121.He that corrects not small faults will not control great ones.小错不纠,大错难控。

122.Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.


123.If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.


124.Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.


125.East or west, home is the best.


126.A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.


127.One false step will make a great difference.


128.You cannot have your cake and eat it too.


129.A little pot is soon hot量小易怒。

130.Forgive and forget既往不咎。

131.The world is your oyster.你可随心所欲了

132.It really costs me an arm and a leg真太贵了

133.It really gets on my nerves心神不宁

134.It beats my brains out绞尽脑汁。

135.It pulls my legs开玩笑,愚弄我

136.be the apple of their eye掌上明珠

137.have their feet of clay有弱点

138.be in the red有债务,赤字

139.be green with envy羡慕嫉妒

140.kill the fatted calf设宴欢迎/款待

141.have egg on your face丢脸

142.wash your hands off撒手不管

143.get down off your high horse


144.a Jekyll and Hyde existence


145.give sb. a cold shoulder


146.give sb. a black eye 打的某人鼻青脸肿

147.talk sb’s ear off 喋喋不休

148.a dark horse黑马

149.a green finger有园艺才能的人

150.a black sheep害群之马

151.a fat cat有钱有势的人

152.a bad apple坏人

153.a hard/tough nut难对付的人

154.a green hand 新手

155.a chicken guy胆小鬼

156.an early bird早起的鸟儿(比喻勤劳者)

157.a lucky dog幸运儿

158.a piece of cake小菜一碟,易事一件

159.child’s play小儿科、轻而易举

160.as easy as pie小事一桩

161.a cup of tea小意思

162.a pie in the sky难以实现的事

163.once in a blue moon 难得的,破天荒的

164.a hard nut to crack很棘手的事情

165.a David and Goliath battle


166.a white elephant 华而不实,无用的东西

167.pick up the pieces 收拾残局

168.throw in the towel 认输

169.jump down your throat 暴跳如雷

170.hit the spot 适得其用

171.spilt the beans 泄露秘密

172.hold your horse 三思

173.miss the boat错失良机

174.more haste,less speed 欲速则不达

175.face the music


176.save face 保存颜面

177.land on one’s feet 化险为夷

178.fly pigs 不可能发生的事儿

179.let sleeping dogs lie不要自找麻烦

180.cut me dead 对我视而不见

181.safe and sound 安然无恙

182.fish in the air 徒劳;缘木求鱼

183.fly off the handle 发怒

184.sit on the fence 犹豫;观望

185.beat around the bush 拐弯抹角;旁敲侧击

186.play the game办事公道;讲信誉;按章办事

187.cross your fingers 为成功祈祷

188.raise a red flag 提高警惕

189.call it a day 停止工作;收工

190.make my day让我很快乐;使我很开心

191.a confidential sources 机密来源

192.Pandora's box 灾难和不幸的根源

193.the heel of Achilles


194.Trojan horse


195.get a new lease on life 重获新生

196.cry for the moon


197.sink or swim 孤注一掷

198.push your luck 得寸进尺

199.shop around 货比三家;选择最佳

200.kill two birds with one stone


201.put yourself in others' shoes


202.cat’s paws受人愚弄者

203.olive branches 象征和平;谈和的建议

204.talk my ear off 对我唠叨

205.give sb. a black eye


206.a backseat driver 多管闲事的人

207.a chicken guy 胆小的人

208.a smooth talker 油嘴滑舌的人

209.off the beaten track


210.not bat an eye 面不改色

211.not in a month of Sundays 根本不会发生

212.not worth a hill of beans 毫无价值

213.add fuel to the fire 火上加油

214.Each bird loves to hear himself sing.


215.Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


216.It's the thought that counts. 礼轻情意重

217.The outsider sees the most of the game. 旁观者清

218.a man in the street 普通人;常人

219.a person of interest 相关人士

220.it takes two to tango 一个巴掌拍不响

221.better safe than sorry


222.faults are thick where love is thin.


223.Once bitter, twice shy.


224.Don’t give me that. 少来这一套

225.hire oneself out 受雇于他人

226.save your breath


227.You bet. 当然;不用谢

(1)used to emphasize a statement or to mean "certainly":

"Are you coming to the party?" "You bet!"

(2) used when someone thanks you :

"Thanks for your help." "You bet. Anytime."

228.You know the drill.你知道该怎么做,你懂的

229.You’ve really got me there.


230.You have my word. 我保证

231.Down in the dumps. 沮丧

232.Every dog has its day. 凡人皆有得意时

233.Absence makes the heart grow fonder.


234.Make hay while the sun shines.


235.walk on eggshells谨言慎行

236.Judas 叛徒



239.Scrooge 吝啬的人

240.Honesty is the best policy.

241.Every cloud has a silver lining.


242.Better late than never. 亡羊补牢,为时不晚

243.eat one's words=Take back one's words收回之前说的话

Someday you'll have to eat your words.


244.break one’s word=break one’s promise 食言;不信守承诺

245.bite one's tongue. 保持安静

246.Garbage in, garbage out.


247.Pride hurts, modesty benefits.


248.Hit the nail on the head.


249.Beat about the bush.旁敲侧击;转弯抹角

250.Paint the town red.大势狂欢作乐

251.Chew the fat.闲聊,消磨时光

252.Let his hair down. 不拘礼节(态度随便)

253.Pull his weight. 努力做好份内的事

256.Blow hot and cold. 反复无常;犹豫不决

257.Cold fish. 冷冰冰的人;缺乏热情的人

258.Rotten apple.坏家伙

259.Top banana. 组织、事业的核心人物

260.a catch-22 situation

进退维谷的情况(a dilemma)

261.Champions are made when no one is watching.


266.All things are difficult before they are easy.

凡事总是由难而易; 天下难事必作于易

263.I swear I will buy a house in Beijing.


264.You don't say! 是吗?(表示惊讶和怀疑)

265.You can say that again. 你说得对。

You can say that again. I've never read such an interesting book before.


266.Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.


267.It never rains but it pours. 祸不单行

268.Bread is the staff of life. 民以食为天

269.A good appetite is a good sauce饥不择食

270.One man’s meat is another man’s poison.


271.After meat, mustard; after death, doctor.


272.Look before you leap. 三思而后行

273.Put the cart before the horse.本末倒置

274.Let the cat out of the bag. 揭发某事的秘密

275.A still tongue makes a wise head. 寡言者智

276.A great talker is a great liar. 说大话者多谎言

277.A dark horse 出人意外的获胜者;黑马

278.A leading light 重要人物

She was a leading light in their campaign.


279.Don’t stand on ceremony.


280.Learn your lesson. 吸取教训

281.Follow suit. 效仿,跟着做

282. The pot calls the kettle black.


283.start from scratch 白手起家

284.as clear as mud 一点都不懂;难理解

285. as hard as nails 铁石心肠;冷酷无情

286. as plain as day 显而易见

287.get up someone’s nose 惹怒某人

288.get one’s hands on 占有;得到

289. get one's feet wet 着手,动手,亲自参加

290.follow my nose 凭直觉

291. bend one's ear

以高谈阔论令人厌烦 ; 高谈阔论令人厌烦

292.hold my tongue 保持沉默

293.make a face 做鬼脸

294.That’s something. 太好了!太棒了!

295. You said it. 你说对了。

296. Take my word for it. 相信我的话。

297. a dead end. 死胡同;僵局

298.suit yourself 随你便

299.pull yourself together 振作起来

300.a lazy bone 懒虫

301.an odd fish 古怪的人;难以理解的人


Langston Hughes

Hold fast to dreams,

For if dreams die,

Life is a broken-winged bird,

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams,

For when dreams go,

Life is a barren field,

Frozen with snow.

----To My Students of Class 16,Grade3,2019.



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